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Our store policies

What are the risks of Gray Market products, and does Service Photo sell them?

Gray market, or (imported) products are not originally intended for sale in the United States, and are imported through unauthorized channels. Therefore, in most cases, they do not carry the manufacturer's USA Warranty. Instead, they usually come with the in-store warranty from the seller - or no warranty at all.


Gray market camera equipment tends to have a slightly different name than the USA counterpart (e.g. Nikon N80 = Nikon F80), and is sometimes sold in different kit configurations. Gray market equipment is not brought into the United States by the manufacturer's authorized USA distributor, so if you buy gray market products you may not be eligible for repair by that authorized distributor.


Gray market products exist because they can be brought to market cheaper than through authorized channels, making them slightly less expensive to purchase. They also bring a great deal more profit to those dealers who sell them. However, gray market products can present some very real problems to professional photographers, and others who depend on the quality and reliability of their photographic equipment and accessories.


As part of our dedication to excellent customer service and product, Service Photo does not sell gray market cameras, lenses, flashes, or professional color films. If you still have questions, contact us for more details on our gray market policies.


What is Service Photo's return policy?

Service Photo likes to keep our customers happy and we strive to make every return as simple as possible. However, due to the nature of different photography, darkroom, and digital products, we must have a formal return policy in place. This formal return policy appears on all store invoices and reads as follows:


  • No returns on digital cameras and digital accessories.
  • No returns on used equipment after 10 days.
  • No returns on sensitized products (film, paper, chemistry, etc.)
  • No returns after 30 days for all other products.
  • All eligible returns must be accompanied by a receipt, and will incur a re-stocking fee after 7 days.


 At Service Photo we work carefully with customers to match their needs with our products, so that returns are rare. However, we urge all of our customers to use their equipment soon after the purchase to decide if an item meets their needs. We reserve the right to treat each return as an individual issue and act accordingly.


Can I special order items from Service Photo that aren't in stock?

While Service Photo does have a large inventory, stocked with several thousand different camera, darkroom, & digital photography items, we can't stock every product our customers may need. That's why we gladly accept special orders of any type of product. For non-inventory items we require a non-refundable deposit, and these orders usually cannot be cancelled.


Service Photo makes every effort to acquire special order items in a reasonable time, and most items are received within two weeks from the order date. However, Service Photo cannot be held responsible for backorders or other manufacturer delays.


What forms of payment does Service Photo accept?

Service Photo accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards. Service Photo can also accept purchase orders from most large corporate entities, Government agencies, and educational institutions, upon credit approval.


What types of warranties come with products sold by Service Photo?

New products sold by Service Photo come with the manufacturer's limited USA Warranty.

These warranties usually vary between 1 year and 6 years, depending on the product and manufacturer.






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