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Equipment Rentals

Terms & Conditions


Terms & conditions

  • Lessor retains all right, title, and interest in and to the herein described equipment and therefore maintains the right to terminate this lease at any time and recover the herein described equipment if not promptly returned by Lessee when requested by Lessor. Lessee shall be liable for any and all costs incurred by Lessor in the recovery process.
  • Lessor???s liability is limited to, and shall not exceed, the rental rate paid herein.
  • Lessor reserves a period of seventy-two (72) hours after the conclusion of this agreement to fully inspect the herein described equipment for damage and proper function. Should Lessor find any damage, Lessee shall be notified immediately. Failure to notify Lessee of any damage within the stated seventy-two (72) hour period exonerates Lessee of payment responsibility.
  • Lessee agrees that software provided by Lessor has minimum system requirements as established by the software manufacturer and that Lessor does not warrant or guarantee that the provided software is compatible with the Lessee???s computer system. Lessee further agrees that Lessor is not responsible for software upgrades, and does not provide software technical support.
  • Lessor has made every effort to briefly demonstrate the function of the herein described equipment and/or to provide instruction manual(s) wherever possible. Lessor is not responsible equipment failure due to inadequate knowledge by Lessee or his/her agents. Should a piece of equipment fail to operate properly during the lease period, the Lessee or his/ her agents, if possible, should notify Lessor at that time, not upon the end of the lease period. Lessor will do whatever possible to solve the problem or replace the defective equipment before the due date. Failure to notify Lessor of equipment problems may result in forfeiture of rental credit.
  • Reservations of more than 24 hours, which are returned early, will be credited a maximum of 50% of the total balance owed. Early return refunds do not apply to single day or weekend specials.
  • Lessee agress that all late charges will be DAILY fees. Weekly & other long term rental discounts are not applicable to rentals kept past the initially agreed rental period.
  • Weekday rentals are for a 24 hour period. Extra hours are charged at 2X the Prorated hourly rate. Weekend (1 day rate) rentals can be picked up at 2:30 pm Friday afternoon, and must be returned by11:00 am Monday morning. Extra hours are charged at 2X the Prorated 1 day hourly rate.
  • Lessee agrees that a rental day is twenty-four (24) hours and that the minimum rental charge is for that same period of time, unless specified as a different rental period herein.
  • Lessee agrees to pay for the repair of damage to, or the replacement of any equipment and/or accessories lost or damaged while in the possession of Lessee or his/her agents. The decision to repair or replace damaged items rests solely with the Lessor but in no event shall the repair or replacement costs exceed the replacement value stated herein. Replacement / Collateral values are clearly listed on the published rental list, and will be charged to the lessee credit card if equipment is not returned within forty eight (48) hours of sceduled return, and lessee cannot be reached by normal communication.
  • Lessee agrees to return the herein described equipment, together with any and all accessories, at the end of the rental period in the same good condition as when received by Lessee.
  • Lessee is responsible for delays and/or damage arising from shipping and transportation of the herein described equip.
  • Lessee agrees that the term of this lease commences when the herein described equipment leaves Service Photo???s location and concludes when rental is returned to Service Photo, Inc., and all applicable fees are paid in full.
  • Lessee accepts the herein described equipment and accessories, and agrees that it is in good condition at the inception of this lease.

    Signature of Lessee:________________________________Date:_______________



    Click here to download a copy of our Rental equipment list and guidelines in a PDF format. (Selection and prices subject to change.)






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