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Exclusive, personal instruction & guidance before or after your camera purchase

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Service Photo Concierge Service

  • Do you need new equipment for a once-in-a-lifetime trip?
  • Are you Ready for a new camera, for your special event?
  • Do you need help & instruction for gear that you already own?
  • Do you want to create the very best pictures, of what you love most?

Service Photo's Concierge Service will make sure you take home the perfect camera, or become comfortable with the gear that you already own.

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Book appointment with your Personal Photo Consultant

  • Meet with your consultant away from the counter, in a quiet, comfortable setting
  • We'll match you with equipment dedicated to your specific need
  • Touch it, Try it, Shoot with it!
  • We'll set up your new camera, & make it ready to capture your perfect picture
  • We'll make you comfortable & knowledgeable with the gear you already own
  • Streamlined for your convenience by the experts at Service Photo

Request an appointment with your Personal Photo Consultant

We will customize a program, just for you ' based upon your wants & needs. We'll expertly pair you with the equipment best suited for your area of interest, or offer in-depth instruction for your current gear.

Please allow us 48 hours advanced notification to process your request.

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