nikon‘s mirrorless z series system is here!

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Photographers eveywhere are loving the new techology of Nikon's Z Series mirrorless camera system, and we now have ALL Nikon mirrorless camera products in stock!  As new Z series products are announced, Service Photo will ALWAYS be in a position to get you a new Nikon Mirrorless camera, lens, or accessory FASTER than any other dealer, without the need for a deposit!  Why wait on longer lists?

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If you’re interested in a new Nikon Z series mirrorless camera - or any other Nikon camera products, I’d like to persuade you to make your purchases from an independent Nikon USA dealer, like Service Photo - instead of buying from on an online mega-seller, or big box store.

When you buy from a smaller independent Nikon USA dealer, you’ll be supporting a business that employs photographers & supports local photography groups throughout the USA. You’ll also receive these added benefits:

  • Same price as legitimate online & big box sellers
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  • Confidence that your new Nikon gear includes the Nikon, Inc. Limited USA warranty.
Burke Seim - Owner of Service Photo
Nikon Specialty Dealer, for 30+ years

Need help finding an independent Nikon USA dealer near you? Send me an email, and I’ll point you toward a reputable dealer in your town, city, county, or region. I have friends & colleagues at more than 150 independent Nikon dealers nationwide & I want us all to succeed. And now that most major online sellers are charging sales tax to everyone,everywhere - you'll NEVER pay more for a MUCH higher level of customer service!

Of course, I’ll also let you know how Service Photo can help you with everything Nikon related. Send us a “no obligation” Pre-Order, for any newly announced or hard to find items & and we’ll notify you with information as soon as it becomes available. And, please contact us if you need Nikon lenses or accessories - we’ll send you a private quote & make it worth your while to purchase from Service Photo in Baltimore, MD.

Service Photo is a specialty camera dealer located in Baltimore, MD that has been serving professional photographers, commercial customers,& photo enthusiasts, since 1948. They actively sell & promote Nikon, Canon, Sony, & Fuji cameras along with all brands of lenses, lighting, &various accessories. Burke Seim has owned Service Photo since 1991, has always been partial to Nikon, & wants to do whatever it takes beyour Nikon supplier. We invite you to take advantage of Service Photo’s low prices & huge in-stock availability on all Nikon items.100% of Nikon items sold by Service Photo include the Nikon USA, Inc. limited warranty.
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