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Service Photo's Pre-orders & Allocations

Want to get on our waiting list for a newly announced, or hard to find item? Or, maybe you just want to be updated with all of the latest news about a new product. Either way, you've come to the right place!

Service Photo doesn't take your money, and then make you wait for new products to arrive. Instead, we keep "no obligation" pre-order lists for those photographers who want newly announced & hard to find items - ASAP! As the products arrive, we contact photographers in chronological order. Time is of the essence! Photographers can take delivery quickly, wait until later, or just take a pass. With this in mind, we ask ask for all contact information possible. You'll always have the option to finish the sale or decline the opportunity - with no deposit needed! *

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Service Photo's Pre-Orders & Allocations

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* Service Photo will make every attempt to contact photographers on our wait lists. If we are unable to contact a photographer in a timely manner, we may be forced to offer items to the next photographer waiting.

Please note: Due to the viral nature of the internet, we are unable to disclose to you your exact place on any list. You can contact us at anytime to verify your inclusion on the wait list for any product, and you should feel confident at you will be contacted as soon as your reserved product becomes available. Some items may be very difficult to obtain or be sent to us only in small batches - and we appreciate your understanding & patience. Please be aware that you only need to complete this form once per item - we will confirm that submission via email.

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