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Used Camera & Used Photography Equipment

As a trusted retailer, Service Photo is proud to be a resource for reliable used photographic equipment. We buy, sell, & trade used equipment items every day - including most types of film & digital cameras, lenses, lighting, and various types of studio equipment. Our buyers are available 10am - 4:30pm most weekdays, and 10am - 2pm most Saturdays. Please call ahead to be sure that a buyer will be available to evaluate your gear!

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We update it as often as our busy schedule allows,
but call us @ 410-235-6200 for specific items!
Used Camera & Used Photography Equipment

Quick Tips

Here are a few quick tips to remember, before bringing or shipping your used camera or equipment to Service Photo for evaluation:

  • Clean up your gear a bit, & make it look nice!
  • No appointment is necessary. Our buyers are available 10am - 4:30pm most weekdays, and 10am - 2pm most Saturdays - it always makes sense to call us prior to your visit.
  • You can email a list of your gear to, and we can schedule appointments for larger groups of equipment.
  • Bring us ALL accessories, includes batteries, chargers, boxes, instructions, etc.
  • Be sure to tell us if your items were originally purchased at Service Photo, and if you are selling them or trading them toward new photo gear.
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Used Equipment prices

Used equipment prices vary greatly depending on current market conditions, & the condition of each individual item. Therefore, we cannot offer firm price quotes without a complete physical inspection.

Customers should bring or send used items to our retail store for on-the-spot evaluation. We offer top dollar for all equipment, and payment is immediate.

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